$125/hr All Inclusive!! 

*6 hour minimum required. 

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Q. When does the billing for our limousine services start and stop?
A. Charges are accrued beginning at the pick up and ending at the final drop-off (in some cases driving time applies. The balance (minus the deposit) should be charged to the customer’s credit card or paid to the driver unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

Q. How do I make requests to my driver during the trip?
A. All of our stretch limousines have intercom systems for talking to your chauffeurs during the trip. Also, all drivers carry cell phones so that you can maintain communication for additional pickups throughout the day. We also recommend you send most addresses you know you are going to prior to trip. So driver can plan in advance and save your time.

Q. What is your policy about alcohol in the limousine?
A. Clients of legal drinking age (21 in the U.S.) are welcome to bring their own alcoholic beverages during the voyage. Our limos have a bar with fine crystal glasses. Our in-car bars also come equipped with an ice chest and free non-alcoholic beverages.

Q. Is smoking permitted I the limousine?
A. Smoking is prohibited in all our limousines.

Q. What is the next course of action if someone in my group damages the interior of the Vehicle during the voyage?
A. Unfortunately, our clients must accept financial responsibility for any reckless behavior that results in part of the limousine being damaged. Prior to the trip, our courteous drivers will provide instructions as to proper use of the limousine’s lighting, radio/stereo/DVD equipment and interior components including the upholstery. Elements Limousine also reserves the right to charge a fee for any excessive mess or spillage that requires the vehicle to be professionally cleaned.

Q. What do I do if I discover that I have accidentally left something in the limousine?
​A. If you have not already called us, we will immediately let you know if someone in your party has left an object of value in the limousine. Please call us at 513 325 1112 to inquire about a lost item.

Q. What items are provided on the limousine and what should we bring with us?
A. We have nice collections of CD’s on board the limo, but we recommend that you bring your favorite DVD and CD’s with you to listen to your favorite music on board. We have ice and coolers on board for passengers over 21 to bring along their favorite alcoholic beverages. Many guests also bring along their cameras to preserve their special memories from their voyage.

Q. What if we have gone over our reservation time but want to keep the party going?
​A. No problem! You may continue your limo reservation provided that yours is the last reservation of the day or there are no other reservations that day for that vehicle. Just check with the driver and we will do everything possible to keep the party going. 

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